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Cleveland native living in West Michigan
  • Sarah shot with a Polaroid 250 and Chocolate.

  • Look at this guy. Unsnuffable

  • Tried some Lomo Purple.
    Contax Aria + Zeiss 50mm

  • Impossible Push film. Probably 3 years old? This film was difficult to shoot when it was new, and I thought there would be no way it would still display an image. If you remember, it needed to be super-sunny, hot, and shielded. Yesterday was all of those.

    The bottom two images where the first two I shot. I did not shield them well, plus they still may have been a bit cold after pulling the pack out of the fridge. The top image was warmed and shielded correctly.

    These are straight scans with no post work.

  • Old photographs of Katie. kathrynkelly
    Ilford HP5

  • About 1.5 months old

  • Going into their new coop for first night (at M Woods)

  • Office window

  • Expired Polaroid 669 film.

  • First time in the grass

  • Backyard love